American Man to be Extradited from Scotland over Rape Charges

American Man to be Extradited from Scotland over Rape Charges

The Scottish government has approved the extradition of Nicholas Alahverdian, an American man known in the UK as Nicholas Rossi, who allegedly faked his death to evade a rape charge in Utah. However, this decision might face delays due to another ongoing case in Britain.

Alahverdian is accused of sexually assaulting a former girlfriend in Orem, Utah, in 2008. He also confronts numerous domestic violence complaints in Rhode Island. While an extradition order was signed on September 28, Rossi holds the right to appeal. Further complicating matters, British police intend to question Rossi over a rape allegation made in April 2022 in Chelmsford.

Rossi was apprehended in December 2021 at a Glasgow hospital while being treated for COVID-19. Despite asserting he was an Irish orphan named Arthur Knight and never visited the US, evidence suggests otherwise. Edinburgh Sheriff Court Judge Norman McFadyen stated Rossi was “dishonest and deceitful,” leading to his extradition approval.

Rossi has repeatedly denied being Alahverdian and insists his arrest is a case of mistaken identity. However, the FBI indicates that Alahverdian faces fraud charges in Ohio, where he had a 2008 sex-related conviction. A significant amount of evidence, including recognitions from Glasgow hospital staff familiar with an Interpol notice and consistent tattoos, pinpoints Rossi as Alahverdian.

Since his arrest, Rossi has participated in various TV interviews, maintaining his claim of innocence. In a notable interview with Scottish network STV News, he presented himself as an Irish-born orphan, challenging the allegations against him. Despite his claims, Jeffrey Pine, a former Rhode Island state attorney general, confirmed that Rossi is indeed Alahverdian, his former client.

Adding to the confusion, a 2020 Rhode Island obituary declared Nicholas Alahverdian dead due to non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Yet, by 2021, this announcement faced skepticism from Rhode Island state police and others familiar with Alahverdian.

The extradition process has been mired in complexities, including Rossi’s changing accent during hearings and his decision to replace his legal counsel six times. Regardless of these complications, the stage is set for Rossi’s potential return to the US to face his charges.

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