Amazon Driver Assaulted by Naked and Drunk Migrant While Delivering Packages

An Amazon driver in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, found himself in a harrowing situation when he was allegedly assaulted by a naked and drunk migrant while delivering packages on Sunday. The driver, identified as Abu, claimed that he had to defend himself and his packages by throwing a snowball at the assailant, who was later identified as Yeison Sanchez, 26.

According to Abu, Sanchez was stumbling drunk and holding a beer bottle when he caught him attempting to steal the packages. Abu confronted Sanchez, who then entered the delivery van where the packages were stored. In an attempt to protect himself, Abu threw a piece of ice at Sanchez, causing him to fall to the ground.

Abu, fearing for his safety, sought help from nearby police officers. However, the situation took an unexpected turn when Sanchez accused Abu of assaulting him. Despite Abu’s plea that there were cameras in the area, the police claimed there were none, leading to a dispute over the events.

Sanchez, who resides in a nearby shelter, was charged with petit larceny and public lewdness. He was released without bail after appearing in court on Monday. Abu, on the other hand, was charged with third-degree assault and released on a desk appearance ticket.

Expressing his frustration, Abu emphasized that he had only acted in self-defense and to protect his job. He criticized the police for not providing the assistance he sought and expressed his disappointment in the justice system.

Author: CrimeDoor

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