Alleged Violent Sex Assault Offender Arrested After Kidnapping Woman in Oregon Garage Cell

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A shocking incident involving a violent sex assault offender came to light on Wednesday when the FBI announced that the arrested suspect may have additional victims. The 29-year-old accused, Negasi Zuberi, who also goes by the aliases “Sakima,” “Justin Hyche,” and “Justin Kouassi,” was apprehended on July 16 after a kidnapped woman managed to escape and seek help. Following the arrest, law enforcement officials have connected Zuberi to four separate violent sexual assaults in multiple states, although specific locations were not disclosed.

According to the FBI’s Portland Field Office, investigators honed in on Zuberi after he traveled from his residence in Klamath Falls, Oregon, to Seattle, Washington. There, he impersonated an undercover police officer, brandishing a badge, a Taser, and handcuffs to detain a prostitute forcibly. The criminal complaint states that Zuberi then proceeded to sexually assault the woman during a journey spanning roughly 450 miles. Upon arrival at his residence, Zuberi confined the victim in a makeshift cinderblock cell located in his garage, secured with a metal door that could not be opened from the inside.

The victim, awakening to the grim realization that her life was in danger, bravely decided to fight her way to freedom. She relentlessly banged on the door, bloodying her hands in the process until it finally yielded. Desperate, she managed to escape and flagged down a passing motorist who immediately contacted 911 for help. Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Stephanie Shark, from the FBI’s Portland Field Office, aptly summarized the victim’s unimaginable ordeal: “This woman was kidnapped, chained, sexually assaulted, and locked in a cinderblock cell. Police say she beat the door with her hands until they were bloody in order to break free.”

Further investigation by the Klamath Falls Police Department revealed concrete evidence corroborating the victim’s account. A search warrant executed at Zuberi’s residence uncovered the exact cell described by the victim, constructed with cinderblocks and an impenetrable metal door. Additionally, authorities discovered bloodstains on a wooden fence, which the victim had scaled during her daring escape, along with her purse adjacent to the makeshift cell. Inside the suspect’s home, handwritten notes were recovered, including one that ominously mentioned “Operation take over,” complete with bullet points instructing to leave the phone behind and ensure the absence of close contacts to avoid any potential investigations.

In a bid to evade capture, Zuberi fled but was eventually tracked down in Reno, Nevada, on July 16, where he was found conversing with his wife, holding their child in the front seat of their car in a Walmart parking lot. Refusing to surrender, he inflicted self-harm by cutting himself with a sharp object, causing significant bleeding. Additionally, he attempted to destroy his phone. After a tense standoff lasting 45 minutes, authorities finally took him into custody unharmed. Zuberi now faces charges of interstate kidnapping with a maximum potential sentence of life in federal prison. Washoe County, Nevada, records indicate additional charges of false imprisonment, child neglect, false imprisonment with the victim as a shield, fugitive from another state, and assault with a deadly weapon being filed against him.

Zuberi appeared in a federal court in Nevada on July 26, with plans being made to transfer him to Oregon for further legal proceedings. Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon, Nathan Lichvarcik, confirmed that the suspect’s court appearance will take place in the coming weeks. As investigators continue their efforts, authorities are urging any potential victims to come forward and provide crucial information. Agent Stephanie Shark disclosed that Zuberi has been linked to four additional violent sexual assaults across multiple states, emphasizing that the suspect had been residing in Oregon for several months before the alleged kidnapping took place.

Public records indicate that a domestic violence restraining order was requested against Justin Kouassi—one of the aliases used by Zuberi—in July 2020. However, it remains unclear whether the case reached a resolution. NBC News attempted to contact the woman seeking the restraining order but received no immediate response.

The FBI has launched an investigation website, encouraging potential victims and individuals with pertinent information to fill out a form to assist in their ongoing investigation. The page highlights the possibility that some encounters might have been filmed to make it appear as if the assaults were consensual. It also notes that victims were threatened with retaliation if they reported the crimes to the police. Praising the victim’s courage, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Stephanie Shark stated, “Her quick thinking and will to survive may have saved other women from a similar nightmare.”

The shocking and disturbing nature of this unfolding case once again underscores the importance of vigilance and reporting any suspicious activities. As law enforcement continues their diligent pursuit of justice, the hope remains that any further victims will find the strength to come forward, ensuring that this alleged violent sex assault offender faces the full consequences of his actions.

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