Alleged Conman Poses as Paralegal, Swindles Victims Out of Thousands in Texas

Alleged Conman Poses as Paralegal, Swindles Victims Out of Thousands in Texas

A man, identified as Jesus Lopez, has been arrested in Mission, Texas, for allegedly running multiple scams and swindling victims out of thousands of dollars. Lopez, 41, is accused of posing as a paralegal and conning unsuspecting individuals in various fraudulent schemes.

According to authorities, the alleged conman’s criminal activities date back to May 25, 2023, when he posed as a salesman at a small car dealership in Mission. Under false pretenses, Lopez convinced a victim to hand over $1,500 as payment for a Chevy Impala. However, it was later revealed that Lopez was not an employee of the dealership, and he had pocketed the cash.

In August, Lopez targeted another victim who was seeking a divorce lawyer. Posing as a paralegal working for a local law firm, he met the victim at a Burger King in Mission. Lopez claimed that it would cost $500 to initiate divorce proceedings and managed to extract an additional $2,500 from the victim on subsequent occasions. Screenshots of text messages provided by the victim showed conversations about the legal services Lopez claimed to be providing and the money required for them.

The alleged scammer’s deceitful ways continued in November when he approached a third victim, claiming to be a paralegal. He requested $6,700 to bail out the victim’s son from jail. Despite the victim’s request for a receipt, Lopez failed to provide one. He later demanded an extra $1,132 to resolve the son’s legal issues and an additional $600 for the release of the impounded vehicle. Exploiting the victim’s desperation, Lopez promised a job for her son and charged her $180 for uniforms. In total, he managed to swindle nearly $20,000 from both victims.

Jesus Lopez was arrested on March 8 and has been charged with three counts of theft. His bond has been set at $155,000. It is worth noting that Lopez is also wanted on similar charges in Gaines County and Austin.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. 1. Be cautious of unsolicited offers: Scammers often approach potential victims with unsolicited offers that seem too good to be true. It’s important to be skeptical and thoroughly research any offers before providing personal information or sending money.

    2. Verify the legitimacy of individuals or businesses: Before engaging in any financial transactions, verify the legitimacy of the person or business involved. Check for online reviews, contact information, and any signs of suspicious activity.

    3. Protect your personal information: Never share sensitive personal information

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