Allegations of Sexual Harassment on Reality TV Show “Below Deck Sailing Yacht”

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Image Credit: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Allegations of sexual harassment have emerged on the reality TV show “Below Deck Sailing Yacht”.

Samantha Suarez, a crew member, has accused cast member Gary King of attempting to force himself on her during filming in 2022. Suarez claims that King, allegedly intoxicated from alcohol provided by producers, grabbed her from behind, pressed her to his body, and slammed a door. Suarez reported the incident to producers, who assured her King would be disciplined and fired if further incidents occurred.

However, Suarez alleges that the show’s HR representative discouraged her from discussing the incident with other crew members. Other anonymous crew members have also come forward with similar allegations against King, including grabbing a female cast member’s buttocks without consent and grabbing a camera operator’s genitals.

Bravo, the network airing the show, stated that the concerns raised by Suarez were investigated, and appropriate action was taken. Production company 51 Minds Entertainment, responsible for the show, claims to provide mandatory harassment and sensitivity training for each season. These allegations align with ongoing efforts by lawyers seeking to expose misconduct within NBC’s reality TV universe.

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