AirTags Help California Nursery Catch Serial Plant Thief

A California nursery, Roger’s Garden, successfully caught a serial plant thief with the help of Apple’s AirTag item trackers. The nursery had been targeted multiple times over several weeks, with the thief stealing expensive items such as large fountains and pots worth $300 each. Despite increased police patrols, the suspect remained elusive.

In a bid to apprehend the thief, Michael Sullivan, the operations manager of Roger’s Garden, strategically hid AirTags in various items. When one of the AirTags showed movement to a location in Irvine, Sullivan promptly alerted the police. Upon investigation, authorities discovered a collection of stolen greenery, including pots, fountains, plants, and even a bench, valued at over $8,000. The recovered items were identified as belonging to Roger’s Garden.

While AirTags have certain limitations, such as emitting a sound after being separated from their owners within a specific time frame, they have proven effective in thwarting criminals in various instances. This includes the recent recovery of stolen items from a Taco restaurant in Texas.


Author: CrimeDoor

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