Actor Joseph Gatt Sues Los Angeles County and District Attorney Over Dropped Charges

Actor Joseph Gatt has filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles County, District Attorney George Gascón, the city of Los Angeles, and the investigators involved in his arrest. Gatt, known for his roles in “Game of Thrones” and Disney’s live-action “Dumbo,” was arrested in April 2022 on suspicion of communicating with a minor in a sexually explicit manner. However, the case against him fell apart, and all charges were dropped in February.

In a post on Instagram, Gatt expressed his readiness to present “overwhelming evidence” in court, alleging that the accuser had manufactured evidence, the search of his home was illegal, and the case was marred by prosecutorial misconduct. Gatt, who had voted for Gascón and believed in his ability to combat corruption, criticized the district attorney for the handling of his case.

The lawsuit filed by Gatt claims that prosecutors and police failed to thoroughly investigate the allegations made against him. It alleges that they did not conduct a forensic analysis of the victim’s phone or interview her until after Gatt’s arrest and public scrutiny. The lead prosecutor on the case, Angela Brunson, resigned from the D.A.’s office shortly before the charges were dropped.

The case against Gatt was based on allegations made by a girl in Kent, Washington, whom Gatt describes as an obsessed fan. The girl’s older sister found fake Snapchat conversations on her phone and reported them to the Kent Police Department. However, the conversations were later revealed to be fabricated, and the police did not find probable cause of a crime regarding the messages.

Gatt’s lawsuit also accuses the prosecutor of having a bias and personal animosity against him, although the nature of this bias is not specified. The actor suffered significant professional and personal consequences as a result of his arrest, including losing representation and acting roles, as well as receiving death threats.

The LAPD declined to comment on the pending lawsuit, and the Kent Police Department did not respond to requests for comment. Gascón’s office has initiated an internal review of how the case was handled, acknowledging the potential merit of Gatt’s allegations.

Joseph Gatt is seeking more than $40 million in damages through his lawsuit, which goes beyond blaming law enforcement for casting him as a “serial pedophile without any evidence or probable cause.” The suit accuses police and prosecutors of breaching fundamental practices and disregarding due diligence.

Author: CrimeDoor

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