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Activists Accused of Assaulting Harassers of Street Vendors Reach Plea Deal

A group of six activists accused of attacking individuals they claim harassed street vendors in Southern California have reached a plea deal with prosecutors. Led by co-defendant Edin Alex Enamorado, the group faced charges including felony assault, conspiracy to commit a crime, unlawful use of tear gas, and false imprisonment, among others. San Bernardino County prosecutors revealed that the defendants pleaded guilty or no contest to assault charges likely to produce great bodily injury. They were given credit for time served in custody, according to court records.

The remaining two defendants, Enamorado and Gullit Eder Acevedo, have not yet reached a plea deal. Enamorado remains in jail, while Acevedo is currently free on bail. The group, consisting of eight individuals, was arrested and charged in December for carrying out a series of violent attacks and intimidation tactics during protests in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. The incidents, which occurred in September, resulted in multiple felony charges against the group.

On Friday, Enamorado’s partner Wendy Lujan, Vanessa Carrasco, Stephanie Amesquita, David Chavez, and Fernando Lopez pleaded guilty to felony assault charges. Edwin Peña, another defendant, pleaded no contest to the same charge. Lujan, Carrasco, and Amesquita were ordered to report to a county probation officer. Sentencing in the case has been scheduled for early December.

Enamorado, known for staging protests outside the homes and workplaces of individuals he believes deserve public shaming, has been vocal in his criticism of the police. His attorney, Nicholas Rosenberg, argued that Enamorado was being singled out due to his activism. Prosecutors presented a video during pretrial hearings in which Enamorado livestreamed himself demanding to speak with an on-duty watch commander at the Pomona Police Department. Enamorado expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of action taken by the police following an attack on a street vendor by a security guard outside a Pomona supermarket.

Prosecutors alleged that Enamorado and the other activists confronted the guard on multiple occasions, leading to a beating inside the market and the use of pepper spray against the guard. The case against Enamorado and the other defendants also included two additional incidents. In one, the group blocked the entrance to a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s station, causing at least one off-duty sheriff’s deputy to feel threatened. The rally focused on a deputy accused of body-slamming a 16-year-old girl at a high school football game. Two other men who were in close proximity to the protesters were also attacked.

San Bernardino County Deputy District Attorney Jason Wilkerson emphasized during a court hearing that the actions of the group, despite their message, were tearing at the fabric of society. Enamorado gained widespread attention on TikTok and Instagram for his viral videos highlighting instances of street vendor attacks, racist comments, and acts of police violence.

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  • Great job on reporting this important news story! It's commendable that you've highlighted the actions of these activists and the plea deal they have reached with prosecutors. The information provided is clear and concise. However, it would be helpful to include more details about the alleged harassment of street vendors and the impact it has had on the community. This would provide a more comprehensive understanding of the situation for readers. Keep up the good work!

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