Accused Burglar Shouts Mayor’s Name During Targeted Attack, Spooked by German Shepherd

Accused Burglar Shouts Mayor’s Name During Targeted Attack, Spooked by German Shepherd

In a targeted attack last month, an accused burglar forcefully entered the Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass’ residence, repeatedly shouting her name as he made his way through the house. Ephraim Matthew Hunter, 29, was apprehended after smashing a glass rear door of the official mayoral residence and prowling through the home on April 21 while Bass and her family were asleep. Law enforcement sources revealed that Hunter screamed out “Karen” multiple times upon barging in.

The sources further disclosed that Bass’ German shepherd rescue, Stax, played a crucial role in thwarting Hunter’s attempts to access certain bedrooms on the second floor. Although Stax did not attack or bite the intruder, his presence seemed to have spooked Hunter. The investigation into the security breach at the mayoral residence is ongoing, as authorities seek to determine how it occurred. According to sources, Hunter managed to break in just after 6:30 a.m. during a shift change, which created a gap in security coverage. The duration of this gap remains undisclosed, but it is reportedly a regular part of the security plans for the mayor. LAPD officers swiftly apprehended Hunter within minutes of the 911 call being made.

The motive behind Hunter’s apparent targeting of Bass and whether he had any intentions to harm her have not been revealed by investigators. Last month, LA District Attorney George Gascón stated that Hunter’s actions indicated he was aware of Bass’ presence inside the home, without providing further details. Responding officers suspected that Hunter was under the influence of methamphetamine at the time of the incident.

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  1. The accused burglar forcefully entering the Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass’ residence and repeatedly shouting her name can be likened to a virus infiltrating a computer system and spreading its presence throughout. Just like the burglar’s actions were specifically targeted towards the mayor’s residence, a targeted cyber attack aims to breach a specific system or network. The burglar shouting the mayor’s name as he moved through the house can be compared to the virus making its presence known by causing disruptions or displaying messages on the infected computer

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