85-Year-Old Man Charged in Grisly Murder of Wife Over Pancake Dispute

85-Year-Old Man Charged in Grisly Murder of Wife Over Pancake Dispute

An 85-year-old man, Steven Schwartz, stands accused of fatally stabbing his 81-year-old wife, Sharron Schwartz, in a heated argument over pancakes. This shocking incident unfolded in their Washington, D.C., home on Sunday, sending shockwaves through the community.

Steven Schwartz was arraigned on Thursday, pleading not guilty to a charge of second-degree murder while armed. In a statement that has left many in disbelief, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia revealed that the fatal altercation began because Schwartz “did not want to eat the pancakes she made and stabbed her in the back.”

The Metropolitan Police Department responded to a call about a stabbing at the couple’s residence around 3:40 p.m. Upon arrival, officers discovered a distressing scene: Sharron Schwartz was found with fatal injuries, and Steven Schwartz was suffering from self-inflicted wounds. Both were rushed to local hospitals, where Sharron sadly succumbed to her injuries.

According to police affidavits, Steven Schwartz claimed to suffer from eating diversion and depression. NBC News reported that he expressed remorse over his wife’s death, stating she did not deserve to die and wishing he were dead instead. He also told investigators that he had been recovering from a stroke at the time of the incident and maintained that he loved his wife of over 40 years, hoping the killing had been a delusion.

The case took another somber turn as a D.C. Superior Court judge ordered Schwartz to be held without bond, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for next month. This tragic story of love turned lethal over something as mundane as breakfast has left the community reeling, painting a picture of a domestic dispute escalating into an unthinkable act of violence.

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