52 Arrested in Philadelphia After Large-Scale Looting Spree

Philadelphia police have announced the arrest of 52 individuals following a widespread looting incident in the Center City neighborhood on Tuesday night. The arrests include 49 adults and 3 juveniles, with charges filed for burglary, theft, and other related offenses, according to Jane Roh, spokesperson for the Philadelphia district attorney’s office.

The crime spree began around 7:30 p.m. when authorities received multiple 911 calls reporting looting at the Foot Locker on 1500 Chestnut Street. A large group of possibly 100 juveniles coordinated the attack, according to the police.

Subsequently, officers responded to another looting incident at a Lululemon store on 1700 Walnut Street at 8:12 p.m., resulting in the arrest of multiple individuals. Video footage shared on social media captured police apprehending some suspects while others managed to escape.

At approximately the same time, a call was made regarding a looting incident at the Apple Store on 1600 Walnut Street. Although no arrests were made, police have since recovered numerous stolen items. Videos circulating online showed some suspects damaging phones and tablets after realizing they had been disabled.

The looting occurred following a peaceful protest over a judge’s decision to dismiss murder and other charges against a Philadelphia police officer involved in the shooting death of Eddie Irizarry through a rolled-up car window. Interim Police Commissioner John Stanford emphasized that the looters were not affiliated with the protest, referring to them as “a bunch of criminal opportunists.”

In addition to the retail stores, at least 18 state-run liquor stores were broken into, prompting the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to temporarily close all 48 of its Philadelphia retail locations and one in suburban Cheltenham for employee safety and damage assessment.

Philadelphia police suspect that social media was used to organize the looting, and they are also investigating the possibility of a caravan of vehicles involved in the coordinated effort.


Author: CrimeDoor

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