18-Year-Old Woman Fatally Shot on Delaware State University Campus While Visiting

18-Year-Old Woman Fatally Shot on Delaware State University Campus While Visiting

An 18-year-old woman, Camay Mitchell DeSilva, was tragically shot and killed on the campus of Delaware State University on Sunday. DeSilva, who was visiting the historically black college from Wilmington, had plans to transfer to the university, according to reports. The incident has left the campus community gripped with fear as authorities continue their search for the shooter.

Authorities have identified DeSilva as an innocent bystander who was struck in the upper body near a freshman dorm. Despite immediate medical attention, she succumbed to her injuries, as confirmed by Dover police. Currently enrolled at Morgan State University in Baltimore, DeSilva was visiting at least one student at Delaware State, with hopes of transferring there, as reported by the News Journal.

While multiple persons of interest are being investigated, no arrests have been made thus far, according to the News Journal. In response to the tragedy, the university has been providing resources and support to its students. During a forum held on Tuesday, school president Tony Allen expressed hope for the swift apprehension and justice for the suspects. He also extended his heartfelt prayers to the DeSilva family, emphasizing the tragic nature of the incident.

Following the incident, classes were canceled on Monday, leaving the campus eerily deserted. Senior Ashley Spence described the atmosphere as a “ghost town” to CBS Philadelphia. Sophomore Shaniya Durant expressed her concerns, stating that any student could have been a victim and urged school leaders to take immediate action in moving forward from this unnecessary tragedy.

The motive behind the shooting remains unknown, with further details yet to be revealed. While ID access is required to enter dorms and campus gates during nighttime, both the main campus and downtown area are accessible to the community, as highlighted by Allen. Campus police are reportedly planning to enhance security measures ahead of upcoming spring events, including commencement. Sophomore Jaiden Palmer emphasized the need for improved security, pointing out the ease with which individuals can bypass gates and impersonate others.

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