15-Year-Old Taken into Custody for Inciting Riot at Tiyan High School in Guam

A 15-year-old has been arrested in connection with a social media post that incited a riot at Tiyan High School in Guam. The Guam Police Department announced the arrest on Wednesday, two weeks after becoming aware of the social media posts that prompted the incident on October 1. The posts originated from a private Instagram account using a fictitious name.

Following the discovery of the initial post, officers from the Criminal Investigation Division, GPD’s central precinct, and the Special Operations Division’s SWAT team were deployed to provide security at the school during operating hours. Detectives launched an investigation into terroristic conduct and interviewed multiple students from the school.

In the days that followed, education personnel and a parent informed detectives about additional social media posts inciting further violence at the school. These posts were published from a different Instagram account and appeared to be a continuation of the earlier incitement. As a result, detectives initiated additional investigations into threats of violence, incitement of a riot, and two separate assaults connected to the posts.

On October 7, a search warrant was executed, leading to the identification and subsequent interviews of additional students from Tiyan High School. As a result, the 15-year-old suspect was taken into custody on Tuesday. The minor is facing charges of terroristic conduct, terrorizing, rioting, reckless conduct, child abuse, obstruction of governmental function, conspiracy, and solicitation.

The suspect has been processed and confined at the Department of Youth Affairs, with all cases except for the assault being closed and forwarded to the Office of the Attorney General for further action.

Author: CrimeDoor

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