13-Year-Old Brooklyn Boy Fatally Shot in Apparent Gang Revenge Attack

13-Year-Old Brooklyn Boy Fatally Shot in Apparent Gang Revenge Attack

A 13-year-old boy from Brooklyn, Troy Gill, was tragically killed in what appears to be a gang-related revenge attack. Law enforcement sources have revealed that the motive behind the shooting was retaliation for a disturbing incident that unfolded on Instagram Live. The NYPD has identified two persons of interest but has yet to make any arrests in connection with the case.

On the evening of February 29, around 10 p.m., Troy Gill was shot four times by members of a rival gang just a few blocks away from his Crown Heights home. Prior to the shooting, Troy had attended a Brooklyn Nets game. In his final moments, he managed to call his mother in a desperate panic, according to police.

Although Troy was affiliated with a street crew, authorities have confirmed that he had no involvement in the violent acts that led to his vengeful killing. Sources indicate that the suspected gunman, whose identity remains undisclosed, had recently become a victim of a crime committed by members of the same crew Troy was associated with. The gunman was forcibly stripped naked and subjected to a brutal assault, which was broadcasted on Instagram Live. Eventually, he was released.

Fuelled by anger and seeking retribution for the kidnapping and beating, the suspected gunman gathered members of his own crew. Spotting Troy Gill, who had no connection to the earlier incident, the alleged assailant opened fire, ending the young boy’s life.

Following the shooting, Troy was immediately rushed to Kings County Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The initial investigation led the police to a white Jeep that they believe may be linked to the incident. However, no arrests have been made thus far.

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