$1.5 Million Bronze Buddha Statue Stolen from Los Angeles Gallery

.5 Million Bronze Buddha Statue Stolen from Los Angeles Gallery

A valuable bronze Buddha statue, worth $1.5 million, was stolen from the Barakat Gallery in Los Angeles. The theft occurred on Monday around 3 a.m. The identity and motive of the thief remain unknown. The stolen item is a seated Buddha statue, approximately 4 feet tall, created during Japan’s Edo Period. The gallery staff, along with the Los Angeles police, are investigating the incident.

The thief arrived at the gallery in a rental van and broke through a gate to enter the storage yard. Using a moving dolly, the thief bypassed other artworks and seized the 250-pound bronze Buddha statue. The entire operation took less than 25 minutes.

The stolen statue, acquired by gallery owner Fayez Barakat 55 years ago, was kept in a corner of the rear yard, not visible from the street. It was not displayed in the gallery or listed on the store’s website. The thief had likely visited the premises before the robbery, as the statue’s location was not publicly known.

Surveillance video captured the thief, wearing a Wu-Tang Clan hoodie, exiting a Budget Rent a Car van. The license plate was not visible. The police are reviewing the footage and seeking additional evidence from neighboring businesses.

The gallery director, Paul Henderson, expressed concern that the thief might not recognize the historical and cultural significance of the stolen statue. The gallery hopes for its safe recovery and urges anyone with information to contact the Los Angeles Police Department at 1-877-275-5273.


Author: CrimeDoor

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